Terms and Conditions

General Warranty Terms

PC Rumba provides a twelve (12) month return to base ("RTB") warranty on any item purchased from its website or eBay store. In addition, all parts sold or used to build a computer system purchased from PC Rumba are sold with the full manufacturer's warranty which can vary from one-year up to lifetime warranties depending on the product/ manufacturer.

  • All computer systems are built using brand new components and the brands advertised where possible.1
  • Warranty covers hardware only. All software, including Windows, is not covered by warranty. This includes a Windows installation that has become corrupt, unstable or otherwise not working correctly. Any damage caused by viruses is not covered by warranty. While PC Rumba can fix these problems, normal service charges will apply.
  • Warranty does not include restoration of your personal data/software applications/emails or any other data. It is the customer's responsibility to backup such data. PC Rumba can offer a backup/ restoration service however, although PC Rumba uses the latest backup/ restoration utilities and software available, we cannot offer any guarantees that all your data will be recovered successfully unless we completed the backup for you. Normal service charges will apply.
  • Certain third party peripherals (such as monitors, printers, keyboards, mice and speakers) are serviced under warranty directly through the manufacturer for the predetermined warranty period. We request that, if a problem arises with a third party product within the PC Rumba's twelve (12) month warranty period, customers first contact us and we will return your product(s) to the manufacturer's service and support departments on your behalf.
  • Systems are assembled and fully tested after the system has been paid for in full.2
  • Please wait for final invoice with postage costs attached prior to making payment.
  • Incorrectly processed payments will be required to be corrected and will be refunded requiring the payment be made again with corrected postage costs. (Please note that any costs that may be associated with refunds will be at your own expense and if any cost is incurred by PC Rumba during the refund process, this cost will be passed on to you via an amended invoice).
  • Shipment is usually made within 10 working days from cleared payment being received.2
  • Combined postage may be available if multiple items have been bought; please wait for invoice for total postage cost.
  • Tax invoices accompany all sales regardless of size and value. ABN: 32 358 361 346
  • Payments made by PayPal are subject to a surcharge proportionate to value of the sale (3% of total in addition).
  • All images are for display purpose only; colour and style of items may vary slightly.1
  • Returns for DOA (Dead on Arrival) are accepted; buyer pays for return shipping on defective equipment; PC Rumba will ship reapaired or replaced items back for free.3
  • PC Rumba gives a twelve (12) month repair or replacement return to base ("RTB") warranty on all items unless otherwise stated in the description or by the manufacturer.3, 4
  • Insurance is required on transport of all items over $100 value. Insurance is at the cost of the buyer unless stated otherwise on invoice.5

1 - Every effort is taken to ensure parts are the same as advertised where availability permits; if an item is out of stock PC Rumba reserves the right to use comparable item in place of the short listed item. Notification will be sent to buyer in this regard.

2 - Payment/ deposit is to be made within 5 days of quote acceptance.

3 - DOA items must be notified within 7 days of equipment being received by you.

4 - If any Item has been tampered with (warranty seals broken), components overclocked causing damage, dropped causing damage, unfair wear & tear; buyer pays for replacement parts as well as shipping costs and labour to repair.

5 - Insurance may be included for free in the cost of freight depending on carrier utilised and value of item purchased. Complete details will be on final invoice.

Computer Systems Standard Warranty

All computer systems purchased from PC Rumba come with a comprehensive twelve (12) month Standard Warranty, unless otherwise specified.

  • Under our "Standard Warranty" all major components of the computer including the CPU, Motherboard, RAM and Hard Drive/ Solid State Drive are all covered for the full manufacturer's warranty period, which can vary from one year up to lifetime warranties depending on the product/ manufacturer.
  • Warranty claims are inclusive of parts and labour, but do not include software issues and re-installation or configuration of the customer's software.
  • The warranty is a return to base ("RTB") warranty and includes the repair or replacement of any faulty parts within the warranty period, at no charge to the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for the postage to and from PC Rumba and may be held responsible for the postage to the manufacturer as well as return postage of the claimed item(s).
  • Service will be carried out in accordance with PC Rumba's general warranty terms and conditions ("Conditions of Warranty").
  • If you require an on-site warranty please let us know when purchasing your system.

Service and Technical Support

A copy of the INVOICE or INVOICE NUMBER must be provided for service and support to commence.

For Warranty/Service assistance, please contact us via one of the methods on our Contact page, or arrange to bring your computer or product to us at a time that suits you.

Phone Support: Available between 9am and 9pm (7 days a week). Assist in basic diagnosis of issue(s) or advice on support and warranty.

Return-to-Base: All machines are covered with a return to base warranty at PC Rumba.

On-site Support: Available at current service rates after 5pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 9pm on weekends.

  • Service is inclusive of parts and labour, but does not include software issues and re-installation or configuration of the customer's software.
  • If the computer or product proves to be not faulty or affected by any of the above, then PC Rumba will charge the customer a minimum service fee of $50, payable either prior to or upon collection or postage of the computer or part.
  • Data is not included under warranty. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure data is backed up unless this service is requested from PC Rumba. PC Rumba is not responsible for any data loss whatsoever.
  • Service and Technical support is not to be used for items not purchased through PC Rumba nor is it to be used as a general knowledge base of how to use your new computer's operating system. Should you require assistance in this regard, our normal service charges will apply.
  • To avoid extended and unwanted delays we ask that before bringing your computer or product in to our service department that you call us to undertake some simple troubleshooting.

Conditions of Warranty

  • Unless specified otherwise and in addition to any rights the customer may have under statute, PC Rumba warrants to the customer that a PC Rumba Computer (excluding software), will be free from defects in materials and workmanship affecting normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice date, unless otherwise specified.
  • Our Standard Warranty is a return to base warranty. The computer or product must be returned to PC Rumba in the original or equivalent packaging, with proof of purchase and a fault description. PC Rumba reserves the right to reject any warranty claim if not accompanied by proof of purchase. The only proof of purchase accepted by PC Rumba is the Tax Invoice provided at the time of the original sale.
  • Warranty does not cover damage, fault, failure or malfunction due to external causes, including accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, unauthorised overclocking, corrosion, installation and/or usage and/or storage not in accordance with product instructions and an act of God, fire, flood, act of violence or any similar occurrence.
  • Power Supplies will not be covered if affected by electrical surges. We recommend that every customer purchase a quality Surge Protector to prevent against damage not covered by the warranty.
  • Problems caused by overclocking system components to higher than default settings intended by the manufacturer, are not covered by warranty.
  • Software related issues, including corrupt Operating Systems, Virus, Spyware and general conflicts between software and hardware, are not covered by warranty.
  • Any products outside of the predetermined warranty period are not covered by warranty, unless otherwise specified.
  • If the computer or product proves to be not faulty or affected by any of the above, then PC Rumba will charge the customer a minimum service fee of $50, payable either on or before collection or postage of the computer or part.
  • Warranty does not cover software, software configuration and any accessories or parts added to the computer system after the date of purchase. Accessories or parts added after the date of purchase will only be covered if purchased from, and installed by, PC Rumba.
  • During the standard warranty period, PC Rumba will repair or replace products returned for warranty. Our liability is limited to the replacement of the product or the supply of an equivalent product, or the repair of the product by the manufacturer.
  • If a faulty part or product is replaced then the warranty period continues from the original date of purchase, unless otherwise specified.
  • For our Standard Warranty all products are covered under a return to base ("RTB") warranty. Therefore the customer must prepay shipping and transportation charges, and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during such shipment and transportation. PC Rumba will ship the repaired or replaced computer or product to the customer using the customer's prepaid freight.
  • PC Rumba will not be responsible for damage or loss caused during shipping.

Warranty Procedure

PC Rumba understands the importance of having your computer fully functional in as short a time possible and will do all it can to ensure that this happens. Once the computer or product is tested and verified as faulty, PC Rumba will do its best to get the replaced or repaired product back to you in the shortest possible time.

Depending on availability, some items may be swapped immediately from PC Rumba's stock supplies, whereas some other products often require Return Authority through the manufacturer or Approved Australian Distributor. Unfortunately, this can take time as these suppliers are often not in Brisbane and must be shipped interstate. As a general rule, this can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks, depending on the manufacturer.

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