PC Laptop Network Maintenance Brisbane

PC Laptop Network Maintenance Brisbane

Just like your car, both computers and laptops need regular servicing to extend their life span and processing power. The average home and office computer collects a range of unnecessary files and temporary data during everyday work use, internet browsing and collecting email, all of which, slow down your computer's response and load times after months of unserviced use.

Most store-bought brand-name computers aren't configured to maintain and clean themselves, resulting in you purchasing a new PC or laptop more often than you may need to. At PC Rumba, we love to clean up all sorts of PCs, plus, we'll set up your computer to maintain itself wherever possible, so you don't need to call us back time and time again, saving you money.

Not Just on the Screen

Computer fans, which provide necessary air-flow and cooling inside your computer casing, can also create a build up of dust and dirt on the components of your PC or laptop, resulting in the degradation and short-circuiting of internal parts. As part of a maintenance visit, our team can clean the inner workings of your computer, removing any troublesome dust and dirt that may shorten the life of your machine.

Great for Office Productivity

What better way to get your workplace team to increase their efficiency? Most offices can't replace their computers and laptops as regularly as they should due to budget constraints, and most employees work better on a system that they are familiar with, so why not solve both these problems with one call to us?

One of our friendly team will gladly visit your office after, or during, business hours (whichever suits you) to clean and tidy up your workplace computers and network, leaving your employees with faster and more efficient PCs.

Plus, we can also arrange scheduled maintenance visits, just to keep your office running smoothly with regular check-ups from our expert computer doctors.

Bringing the Love to You

No matter where you are in South-East Queensland, we can clean up your home or office computers and laptops. Based in Beenleigh, but roving Brisbane and Gold Coast regularly, our team will gladly come to you. And if we can't get to you at a time that suits you, we'll happily arrange a courier to pick up and return your PC running as smoothly as possible.

Competitive Pricing and Service

All maintenance by our professional techs is performed at our competitive rates, without hidden costs, so we'll never bill you for any hardware or software that was not discussed prior to installation.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to our team; we are extremely proud of our list of happy clients, so you can be assured of great service from the PC Rumba maintenance team.

After hours? Same low price.
We come to you until 9pm for the same great price as during regular business hours.
Customer service like no other.
We promise you the best customer service - no matter how large or small the job.