Custom Computers Brisbane Gaming PCs

Custom Computers Brisbane Gaming PCs

Save your time and money, avoid the hassles that come with purchasing most mass-manufactured brand name PCs and laptops, talk to our team of experts about building a computer that suits your needs and budget, no matter how big or small.

Most big computer brands and retailers rely on stock turnover and kick-backs, so they have no interest in setting up your PC or laptop to get the longest possible lifetime from it's hardware and software. At PC Rumba, we strongly believe in the old adage "Do it once. Do it right." - pair this with both our proud customer satisfaction and retention record, and you're in the right place to get a new computer that works for you and your pocket.

Computers - The way they were meant to be.

One of the inherent downfalls that doesn't become apparent immediately with mass-manufactured PC and laptops, is pre-installed software that you have no need for. Most large computer retailers sell PCs and laptops with excessive amounts of unnecessary software already installed. Why? Because most of that software requires you to purchase it after a trial period, which means a kick-back for the manufacturer or retailer. And, if you don't uninstall all that software, over time it only clogs up your machine's processing and start-up time.

All custom computers sold by PC Rumba come with only the necessary software installed and are configured to maintain their optimal speed and processing power for as long as possible, saving you from spending your valuable time and money trying to clean up your computer later.

Warranties and Fast Repairs - God Forbid.

Above all else, "your time is money" - something other computer manufacturers fail to understand. No computer component is faultless, and even though we only use the highest quality hardware available, if the worst happens - and your computer suffers from hardware or software failure, you want it back up and going as fast as possible.While some brand-name PC and laptop producers ask you to return your machine to the retail outlet, or their local repairer, at your cost - if you're situated within South-East Queensland, our expert computer building team will gladly come to you to restore your computer as fast as possible, should it require an under-warranty repair. If you're outside that area, or we can't find a time to suit you, we'll happily arrange a delivery service to collect and return your PC as quickly as we can.

Rest assured, all components installed in custom PC Rumba computers are covered by their original manufacturer warranties, and will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the individual component warranty.

Home and Student Computers

For both the budget-conscious home user and student, our team can construct the ideal computer to suit your basic internet-browsing, email-checking, document-typing, homework-doing needs. These PCs can be customised to suit the end-user's requirements and wallet, while still being great value for money.

Small, Medium and Large Business

For every business, large and small - we can build, deliver, install and educate you and your staff on a new computer system or network - custom built to optimise their efficiency, while maintaining your budget constraints. Our professional team can also happily install and setup both on-site and off-site backups to limit data loss.

Gaming PCs

We love every PC equally, but these are the ones that really get our motor going. Our professional gaming PC builders stay at the forefront of everything hardware related - thermal solutions, air and water cooling, lighting, and more - from the understated to the overstated, we can build the ultimate piece of gaming equipment for you.

Networking your Home or Office

With the popularity of digital video, online music and a wide range of other multimedia at your fingertips, it is little wonder that everyone wants to enjoy the experience. If you want to share your music or videos at home, or maybe you need to share files and printers at work, then you need to talk to our team today about how we can assist you with a local network solution. We can take the hassle out of sharing files between all types of PCs and laptops, and leave you with the best solution for your family or workplace.

Custom Case Builds

If you're looking for a computer like no other, be sure to check out our custom case portfolio - these one-of-a-kind or limited edition cases can be designed from scratch to suit whatever image you want to portray. We're always dreaming and scheming in our secret lab, so make sure you also check it out for any upcoming projects.

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