Brisbane and Beenleigh PC Laptop Repairs

Brisbane and Beenleigh PC Laptop Repairs

At PC Rumba, our expert team are skilled in a wide range of computer and laptop repair techniques and solutions. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service, and our staff will gladly explain and answer any questions you may have, in easy-to-understand, plain English. Our range of repair services include:

  • Desktop PC Repairs - All brands
  • Laptop Repairs - All brands
  • Virus and Trojan Removal
  • Malware and Spyware Removal
  • Data Backup and Recovery

We Come to You - When it Suits You

For all computer or laptop repairs, home or business, our team will happily come to you for an on-site diagnosis and service at a time that is convenient for you. For more complex issues, we're always happy to come pick up any troublesome computers, take them back to our top secret lab, and return them upon repair completion.

From Brisbane to the Gold Coast - and Beyond!

Although we are based in Beenleigh, we service and repair computers anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and just about anywhere in South-East Queensland. No matter where you are, give us a call and if we can't get to you, we'll organize a courier to pick up any PC or laptop that requires repair.

Great Rates and No Hidden Surprises

All work carried out by our team is charged at a very competitive industry rate. Plus, we'll never charge you for any additional hardware or software without consulting and discussing it with you first. At PC Rumba, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and retention rate, so rest assured, we'll look after you and your machine as best we can.

We repairs all Laptops and PCs

All Machines - Big and Small

If you've got a computer problem, you've come to the right place. No matter how big or small, from hardware issues to software malfunctions, we repair all brands of desktop PCs and laptops including:

  • Acer, Asus and Alienware
  • Dell, HP and Compaq
  • Sony, Toshiba and many more.

Contact our expert team today and get your computer working for you.

Virus and Trojan Removal

Have you received an infection notification from your virus scan? Although most virus scanner software, such as Norton™, McAfee™ and AVG™, will detect, quarantine and remove computer viruses and Trojans successfully, there will always be new threats being released before virus scan software database updates.

So, if you've found yourself with a potentially harmful computer Virus or Trojan, make sure you give us a call, we're always happy to help restore your computer to optimum health. We offer a professional Virus removal service, and in most cases we can do it in a single on-site visit.

Remember to make sure your Virus scan software is always up to date and working. Leave nothing to chance.

Spyware and Malware Removal

Spyware and Malware (Malicious Software), although not always noticeable, can threaten your family and commercial privacy, and can potentially hinder your computer's processing. As it's name suggests, Spyware primarily spy's on your computer and internet activity, and reports back to it's creator with any sensitive information it may encounter, such as Credit Card information, internet browsing history, and other personal data.

Other forms of Malware are designed to cripple the performance of your desktop PC or laptop over time, resulting in an unusable or inefficient machine.

Protect your sensitive family or business data immediately. If you've noticed your computer running slower, or playing up, or maybe unknown charges on your credit card, be sure to contact our friendly staff for a Spyware and Malware inspection and removal. Most Spyware and Malware can be removed within one on-site service.

Data Backup and Recovery

It happens to every computer user at least once. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. One wrong keystroke or hardware failure, and that client data or university essay is lost.

If you've managed to find yourself in this situation and haven't got a backup, we suggest:

  1. Stop using the computer that had the data on it. Most deleted files still remain on the hard drive until overwritten with further use of the system.
  2. Call us as soon as possible. We have a selection of tools at the ready to find and salvage data that may be still recoverable.

If it's a backup system you need, we can set up both simple regular on-site and off-site backups for home and office users, plus, RAID configurations and data redundancy plans for high-level systems.

Be sure to call and discuss your backup options with us before it's too late.

After hours? Same low price.
We come to you until 9pm for the same great price as during regular business hours.
Customer service like no other.
We promise you the best customer service - no matter how large or small the job.