About PC Rumba - Computer Repairs and Parts

About PC Rumba - Computer Repairs and Parts

We are one of Australia's premier custom PC repairers and builders, located between Beenleigh and Brisbane in South-East Queensland. We offer a wide range of computer repair, upgrade and maintenance services, as well as custom PC cases and builds.

PC Rumba is the brain-child of Nick Lagerberg. Nick was born with a fascination for all things technological and his interest in computers started with a hand-me-down desktop where he spent hours playing games such as Tetris™ and Sim City™. Like any young male, his interest soon progressed into dis-assembly and re-assembly along with improvement and upgrades.

Nick started repairing and upgrading computers for his friends and family, and finally ventured into building computers from scratch. Like any expert, he honed his skills over many years of experience and experiments, eventually emerging as one of the best PC builders in Australia.

And like any master craftsman, Nick is a firm believer that you never stop learning new things, especially in an industry that is continually evolving and advancing.

With years of collected knowledge under his belt, Nick decided to offer his services to South-East Queensland, and thus founded PC Rumba - Repair, Upgrade, Maintain, Build and Accessorise.

So, if you're having computer problems, or want a new custom machine that has the "WOW" factor, make sure you talk to the expert team at PC Rumba.

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